what are HotDea.LS all about?

Deals such as what Groupon does, but targeted to your audience where you choose when you choose for how long you choose!

Available for the large national or multi-national chain store, but also for the small local niche stores such as a jeweller, boutique or hair-salon.

HotDea.LS are delivered to potential clients as soon as they enter the vicinity or area where your shop is located, be that in the neighbourhood shopping centre, the regional shopping malls or the airport.

The mobile app will present the HotDea.LS to the consumer based on pre-set and configured likes and dislikes, so that “spam” deals are minimised.

If you are interested in knowing more as a shop-owner please send us an email or call us to visit.

As the mobile user please visit your app stores and look for the app HotDea.LSĀ